Mentor Panel Sessions

Panel of committee members speaking to aspiring entrepreneur about his business plans.

Mentoring is a process that involves communication and is relationship based. In order establish a strong relationship with aspiring entrepreneurs, The Young Entrepreneurs Network at SICCI (fondly referred to as YEN@SICCI) dedicates its time and resources to interact with the young entrepreneurs.

Following the ideation session (Step 1 of The Red Pill Program), Mentees on board the Red Pill Program are invited to attend the Mentor Panel Session during which a panel of members from the Executive Committee for YEN@SICCI set out to understand the aspirations the Mentees. This panel comprises of entrepreneurs as well as professionals who have expertise in various aspects of business.

The session starts with introductions that break the ice creating a comfortable space. The rest of the session, which lasts about 15 to 20 minutes (and sometimes even more), often involves discussion on the following:
• Factors that motivated the Mentee’s entrepreneurial journey
• Business ideas or plans that the Mentee aims to materialize
• Issues that the Mentee faced or faces in trying to accomplish their dreams to run their own business

During the discussion, the panel members also share their experiences in running business hoping to drive the entrepreneurial spirit of Mentees who appear to be in the crossroads. Where 20 minutes is not sufficient to understand the needs of the Mentees, they are invited to attend one-to-one sessions with the established businessmen within the YEN@SICCI Committee.

Through these efforts, YEN@SICCI aims to screen these Mentees along the first few steps of the Red Pill Program after which they will be matched with Mentors who will review their business plans and guide them along. These Mentors are qualified successful entrepreneurs who have stepped up to dedicate their knowledge and experience to creating more entrepreneurs.