Business Clinics

The Red Pill Program Business Clinics serve as the interactive platform through which The Red Pill Program Mentees are educated about the various aspects of the Program.

In the first Business Clinic, individuals who have registered their interest in The Red Pill Program are briefed about the objectives and taken through The 10-Steps of the Program. The participants introduce themselves and get to know fellow aspiring entrepreneurs with whom they can network and share experiences.

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Following this, they will go through a session of “Ideation”, which is Step 1 of The Red Pill Program. During this session, the participants are asked to brainstorm business ideas that come to their mind. The session ends with an educative seminar on Demand and Supply analsysis.

Also during the first Business Clinic, individuals who are already running their own business will be interviewed by the member of the Executive Committee for YEN@SICCI . The purpose of this interview is to understand better about these individuals who may be struggling with their existing business. This helps us to identify and prioritize the needs of the Mentees based on their background.

The Business Clinics are followed up with Mentor Panel Sessions where Red Pill Mentees have a one-to-one session with the Mentors. Read more about this here.