Red Pill 10-Step Program


What Makes the Red Pill Program Unique?

The 10 steps under the program will groom the Mentees to become businessmen who can start and run a business on their own. The Mentors will customize the program to the specific needs of the Mentees. As such whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to start a new business or a new entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level – the Red Pill Program can help you accomplish your aspirations.


Starting Up 101

In this session the Mentor will have go through with the Mentee some of the basic business principles such as demand analysis and calculating opportunities. The session will end with the Mentee throwing out as many business ideas as he can in the given time.

Do you know how to sell?

The most important skill for a businessman is the ability to sell his product or service. This session allows the Mentor to assess the Mentee’s capability and show the Mentee where he is weak.

The Reality of Selling

This is a reality test in which the Mentee will be made to sell real products to real customers. This will get the Mentee to experience selling of product or services in a real business setting. The Mentee will be able to understand the challenges involved and the Mentor will guide on how to overcome these challenges.

Defining the Business Idea

After the Mentee has gone through a bite-size experience of selling a product or service, the Mentor will put the Mentee through a session of planning & strategizing the business idea that the Mentee wants to build a business with. The Mentee will be given the task of drafting his business plan.“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” ~ Bill Gates ~

Developing the Business Plan

The Mentor will review the business plan with the Mentee and assist to fill in the gaps as well as point him/her to the directions he should take to actualize the business plan.

Sales & Marketing 101

Once the business plan has been finalized, the Mentor will provide the Mentee advice on how he can market and sell his product or service. The Mentee will be asked to develop the sales & marketing plans.

Defining the Sales & Marketing Plan

The Mentor will review the Sales & Marketing Plan with the Mentee to identify the improvements that needs to be made to finalize the plan.

Marking the First Venture

The Mentor will guide the Mentee along the various types of start up and legal entities so that the Mentee will know how to venture into the business.

Preparing for Submissions

Once the business plan and option to venture has been finalized, the business plan will be submitted to a Board of Advisors who will scrutinize it. This will help the Mentee know how businessmen value the business and what are the gaps that needs to filled up.

Ready to Register

This will be the final session before the Mentee goes ahead to register his business. The Mentee may choose to continue the mentorship for further guidance if he wishes and the Mentor is able to commit.

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