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Connect – Enable – Advocate

Serving the Indian business community since 1924

The Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (“SICCI”) serves it’s members by creating avenues for growth locally and internationally. It connects members to networks and opportunities, enables and equips them with strategic knowledge and expertise, and finally advocates their views at an array of social and public policy platforms.

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The Young Entrepreneur’s Network (“YEN@SICCI”) is a non-profit youth wing within the SICCI. It serves the young Indian community in Singapore between the ages of 18 and 40. YEN@SICCI aims to be the networking and mentoring platform for budding entrepreneurs taking the first steps on their journey towards fulfilling their ambitions.

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6 Reasons for you to join us!


Connect & Network

Connect and network with peers, clients and partners. We create an environment for exploring business partnerships and opportunities.


Enabling Resources

Tap into our vast resources of tools, training, programs and activities. You and your team will this enabling options invaluable.


Advocacy and Representation

We make representations on behalf of our members to an array of private, social and public platforms in sounding our member’s views.



Enterprise Development Centre@SICCI is a subsidiary of SICCI to actively promote the business development of its members.


SICCI Institute of Business

A subsidiary of SICCI that provides resources and training to our members and empowers them to develop their businesses.


SICCI Trade Match

A subsidiary of SICI that serves to promote networking opportunities and creates strategic linkages and partnerships.


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